Top Glamping Tents Across China

Top Glamping Tents Across China

I am sure that you have seen movies where the crew goes camping and enjoys mother nature. Those campers set up their tent, hunt their food, arrange the drinking water, and get themselves ready for nature's call.

Well, in reality, that is not what you should expect. Setting up a camp is not an easy task. It is somewhat hard to survive nature because there are risks involved. And the biggest risk is setting the camp the right way.

See, the world is moving towards modernized solutions. The same is the case with the camping world. Now, there is the concept of glamping and glamping pods. Let's talk about glamping pods and see what these have to offer

Glamping Pods- Redefining the concept of Glamorous Camping Pods

Glamping or also known as glamorous camping is a concept where someone does all the hard work to provide you with the best camping experience.

China has gained the title of world's manufacturer and a lot of trading is going on in the country. People from all over the world come here to buy and sell the products. And sometimes, they want to explore the beauty of China. BDiR is a Chinese structural company that is making the dream possible for everyone. The company specializes in making membrane structures for Glamping Tents.

We did some research about the Glamping pods in China and came up with the best Glamorous Camping Pods in China that BDiR has to offer. Let's dive into this article and talk about these camping pods.

The Luxury Paradise of Glamping Tents in Beijing

The first camping pod that has gained our attention is located in the heart of China. Beijing Xiangzhu Starry Twelve Constellation Tent Hotel is located in Beijing International Flower Port Park and is offering a new way to explore the beauty of China. Due to its placement in the flower park, Starry Twelve Constellation Tent Hotel is a perfect way to escape the urban city and enjoy the spring, autumn, and winter season. Overall, the Glamping Tents is based on the theme of twelve constellations and that fills it with mystery and an amazing story.

Immersive Glamping Huts in Hongtu Mountain

Hongtu Mountain is a mystical place. Green plateaus, birds chirping, and the sound of water flowing makes it a perfect place to spend the summer season. BDiR has made it possible to spend time in this area by constructing Honghong Hot Spring Hotel. The glamping Huts in this area come with all facilities such as a high-end gourmet restaurant, picking garden, breeding area, and other entertainment facilities. The amazing thing is the glamping pods are based on the theme of parent-child meaning, there is a dedicated section for children that comes with bathroom sinks, children's toys, and other necessary facilities specifically designed for kids.

Eco-Resort Royalty of Shouan Town

Who doesn't want to live in an area where there are trees, rivers, and a little bit of wildness. Well, that is what MiaoXi Resort Hotel has to offer. MiaoXi eco-resort Hotel is surrounded by the Jiang'an River. Yes, you can hear the river flowing down your window because it is situated on Wulong Island. There is an amazing hall along the belt of clear water. Green grass is covered with tent houses. As for the interior, the glamping pod consists of modern architecture with technological advancements. Altogether, the exterior and interior give an immersive experience of living in nature.