Reasons Why Hangers Have More Uses Than You Probably Imagined

Reasons Why Hangers Have More Uses Than You Probably Imagined

Lately, I've been clearing out my closet of items I haven't worn for a while. When I was done, my closet looked fantastic! But as is typical with my compulsive mentality, one endeavor leads to another.

When I was done, I had a pile of hangers I needed help figuring out how to utilize. So, I went online to see if I could find any inspiration for new uses for the acrylic hangers.

Ways To Make The Most Of Hangers

Modern Clothes Hangers

Using washi tape, you may give your hangers a new and entertaining look. Washi tape is available in about every color or design you can think of, giving you a wide range of creative possibilities. Hangers attached with washi tape would also make a cute present.

Soda Tab Trick

Join your coat hangers using a tab from a drink can. This will not only help you better organize your wardrobe, but it will also make it easier to put together stylish outfits.

Display Your Books

A convenient way to keep your reading place for later is to hang magazines and newspapers from a hangar. This is also a fantastic method for those who need it to keep books and magazines handy in the restroom.

Install Shower Curtain Rods

Invest in a couple of inexpensive plastic shower rings to maximize the potential of your hangers. Hang small goods such as blouses, scarves, hats, and sunglasses from a hanger through the rounds. It will be a good fit for your closet while allowing you to see what you're looking for.

Necklace Holder

This is such a fantastic concept! Attach a row of screw hooks along a wooden hanger's bottom for hanging clothes. Then, you may use the clips to store your necklaces and bracelets neatly. It's a quick fix that looks nice enough to ride in the toilet or bedroom.

Homemade Banana Stand

Bananas kept in a relaxed, dry environment on a hanger have a lower risk of being damaged and spoiling soon. Wire hangers may create a basic banana stand for your kitchen. To make it, you'll need to bend the bottom of a wire hanger to form a diamond shape, then twist the ends together.

Then, fold the corner closest to you toward the hanger's top. The counter-facing side should be placed first, followed by the backward folding of the hook. And now you have a convenient spot to keep bananas!

A Towel Dispenser

If you remove the hook from a plastic hanger, you have an instant and cheap paper towel holder. If you're camping or having a picnic in the park, you may use it to keep paper towels handy by hanging them from a tree.

Easy No-Slip Fix

You don't need to run out and buy new hangers just because your clothes are falling off them. Don't worry about your clothes falling off the hangers; use your hot glue gun to make them nonslip.

Put a bead of hot glue around the upper edges of the hanger and wait for it to dry. The tackiness of the dried hot adhesive will allow your garments to stay in place.