How To Create A Highlighted Wig using Human Hair Wig

How To Create A Highlighted Wig using Human Hair Wig

Highlighted hair is often beautiful, and it gives you a chic look. Traditionally, you had to bleach your natural hair if you wanted highlighted hair. However, this is no longer the case with the invention of wigs, including highlighted wigs. You can purchase a highlight wig from hair extensions or wig vendors online or offline. The vendors provide a wide range of colors. You can also create your own highlighted wig at home.

How to create a highlighted wig

While you can purchase a highlighted wig from an online or offline wig vendor, you can also choose to create your own at home. In this case, you will need a human hair wig with one color to apply highlights on. The following steps will guide you through the process;

Step 1: Choose the highlight colors wisely

The first thing you must do is select the perfect color and the choice you make will depend on the wig's hair color and your personal preferences. For instance, adding blonde highlights would not make sense for a blonde wig. Instead, adding a darker color or a warmer shade of blonde would do the trick. The color of the highlights should also not clash with the base color.

Once you have determined the perfect color, you can proceed to prepare the dye. You may have to mix some chemicals or bleaches for the process. This is the hardest part of the process because you can not conduct it blindly. Note, you must know the right products to use and how to use them. You can get assistance from the internet or a professional colorist. You can also opt for ready-to-use bleaches.

Step 2: Use a comb to create highlighted wig

Once you have your bleach ready, you will need a comb to apply it to your wig. You can not use the standard method for dyeing hair or wigs because you do not want to change the color for the entire wig but small portions of it. Deep your comb (preferably narrow-toothed) in your bleach and comb it through your wig. This will get the bleach on specific parts of the hair. For added depth, you can run the comb a couple of times. From there, let it sit for a while, then wash it out with a color-friendly shampoo.

Step 3: Re-do the process if you are not satisfied with the results

After washing, if you are not impressed with the highlights, you can re-do the process. However, you must be extremely careful because you could make it worse instead of better. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the color and the results, you can condition your wig, apply hair spray, and style it.


Many professionals do not recommend bleaching wigs at home. Instead, they recommend visiting a local hair salon or a professional colorist for the task. Understand that most wigs, including human hair wigs, are usually processed. Therefore, bleaching counts as further processing. The more you process the hair, the more you subject it to wear and tear.